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I have tried many different types of makeup removers, the washes, wipes, and really anything on the market. I noticed that using these makeup wipes (which I used for a long time), did not help or improve my skin. My skin was stripped of essential oils, became more oily, and more acne appeared. I already have oily skin, so it definitely did not help with the oil production either. I researched a lot about Coconut Oil, and using as a makeup remover. So, I decided to give it a try…and it CHANGED my skincare routine!

Ultra Gentle Cleanser

Step 2: Ulta Gentle Cleanser

I absolutely LOVE using Organic Coconut Oil as a makeup remover because it is very gentle on your face. After you wash your face with the oil you notice brighter and more hydrated skin almost instantly. Because the oil can have a very adhesive and sticky feeling on your skin, I use an ultra gentle cleanser to ensure the excess oil has been washed off properly. You can also massage the Coconut oil into your skin and let it absorb before you wash it off, as it can act as a skin hydrator – which is excellent now that the weather is colder!

Some additional benefits of Coconut Oil are:

  1. It Stops Premature Aging – it has antioxidant properties, so using coconut oil as a moisturizer can help your skin keep its elasticity!
  2. Shave Gel – YES, you can try to use coconut oil as a natural shave gel. Since it moisturizes your skin, you have less chances of getting nicked.
  3. Soothe Dry Hands – hands dry and cracky? Use a small amount of coconut as a moisturizer and wash off with a gentle soap, and your skin will feel extremely hydrated!

I absolutely love using Coconut Oil for all it’s wonderful benefits. One thing to note is to store it in a cool dry place. Because it is natural, it tends to change its composition from solid to liquid, but it is still the exact same thing. So, leave a comment below and let us know what your favorite natural skincare product is!

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