When we think about beauty and protecting ourselves the first thing we think about is sun protection. Even though sun protection is an important component to beauty, I’ll address it in another post. Today I wanted to talk about protecting your health. We can’t feel beautiful when we’re feeling sick. With the flu season right around the corner, I wanted to provide you with some tips and tricks to navigate this upcoming flu season.

First off, I highly recommend getting your flu shot to protect yourself.  I know, I know, everyone has their opinions about getting a flu shot, some say, “I don’t like needles” or “I get sick when I get a flu shot” – well let me clear up the confusion! You can’t get sick from the flu shot, and here’s why:  The seasonal flu shot is a dead vaccine. That means your body doesn’t launch a full blown immune response.  All the flu shot does is provide your immune system with a “picture” of possible invaders so that your body is better prepared to fight them off if the flu strikes – Call it intel for your immune system, who wouldn’t want that?! The flu shot takes 2 weeks for it to be effective therefore getting the flu shot as soon possible is highly advised. With that being said, if you get sick after receiving a flu shot that means you were exposed to the actual flu virus before your body could protect itself. However, that doesn’t mean the flu shot is a complete waste. Since the shot provides you with at least three different variations of the flu, you are still protecting yourself for the rest of the season! And for those of you who are afraid of needles, you can take your preferred or doctor recommended over-the-counter pain medicine such as Tylenol, Advil, or Motrin for about 3-4 days to help with any pain or discomfort experienced by the shot.  


I also recommend keeping your home stocked with cough and cold medicine such as Tylenol Cold and Flu. This can help with cold and flu symptoms such as fever, sore throat, nasal congestion, and cough. Please check with your physician and pharmacist first before starting any medications. I also recommend staying hydrated by drinking enough water and replenishing your electrolytes with gatorade or pedialyte. I prefer pedialyte because it has less sugar. Last but not least rest up. Getting enough rest will help you to fight off any invaders lurking around!

So are you ready for your flu shot?! Walgreens has a great program called Get a Shot Give a Shot. For any immunization you receive at Walgreens, they will donate a lifesaving vaccine to a child in a developing country. Don’t forget to post your picture and #GIVEaSHOT!.

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