No makeup look is complete without perfect eyebrows, and finding the best eyebrow pencil can be clutch to your eyebrow game.  With so many eyebrow products on the market it can be difficult to gauge which product to use.

After spending oodles of money on all sorts of products from pencils, tints, powders, and pomades, my current favorite is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Mechanical Pencil. I know the price of $21 may be a bit high for some, however it’s definitely worth the investment!

I purchased 3 products from Anastasia Beverly Hills, The Perfect Brow Pencil, Brow Wiz, and the Brow Powder Duo. The Brow Wiz stole my heart!  While the The Perfect Brow Pencil was good, I found that it didn’t deposit enough color, and the brush broke off.

The Brow Powder Duo was my second runner up with two different colors to choose from, a light shade and a darker shade. It also comes with a dual ended brush to work with. I found I was able to create very soft, natural looking eyebrows. The downside is you’re using two items – the compact and the brush. This can be time consuming if you have a busy schedule and it also takes up prime real estate in your makeup bag!   

The Brow Wiz is a one-stop shop with color and brush all in a slim pencil. It has a fine tip which allows for very detailed, soft, feathery strokes. The brush at the other end is very sleek and brushes the hairs right into place. With The Brow Wiz, you can go from a day-time to a night-time look in a flash!

If the Brow Wiz is out of your budget don’t worry, I have an alternative for you! The Micro Brow Pencil from NYX cosmetics is a great dupe, and it is approximately $9.99!  You get a great bang for your buck with this pencil.


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