DISCLAIMER: This is a personal blog expressing our opinions to share with the rest of the world. Please note that whatever may work for us, may not work for you. If you have further questions regarding your skin – we advise you to see a doctor/dermatologist. On that note, we hope that our sharing will help you explore and learn new things! We express our gratitude to our supporters and readers and we hope you enjoy our beauty blog!


About Ashmita:

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Hello beauties and welcome to our blog!  Let me start my introducing myself, my name is Ashmita Hiralal (you can call me Ash for short) and I wanted to share my beauty journey with you!  I’m a pharmacist by profession but have always had a passion for beauty and skin care products.  It wasn’t until I became a pharmacist that I began to have a deeper understanding of products and how to use them correctly.  My current profession has me in contact with hundreds of people per day and I’m always asked questions about skincare, beauty and overall health.  My sister, Shivani and I have created this blog to share some our tips and tricks with you.  Here you will find that we combine eastern and western traditions providing a new twist on modern beauty routines.  We will share everything not only about beauty but about our personal journey and how we create beauty from the inside out! I’m honored that you’ve stopped by! Please enjoy exploring our blog and stay beautiful from “the inside out”.      


About Shivani:


Hello my fellow Glam Girls and welcome to our blog! My name is Shivani, and I am Ashmita’s younger sister. Growing up, I was always intrigued by makeup and skincare. I used to watch my sisters get ready for a night out in town or a casual day at the mall and I was fascinated!  I love anything makeup or skincare related, and a lot of what I know is due to the fact that I watched my sisters get ready ALL the time. Finally, when I was old enough, I got to experiment on myself!

As Ashmita and I both believe, beauty begins from within. I have come across a lot of natural products that are not harsh on the skin, with a lot of them that contain no chemicals. I tend to pick up more affordable products, but that doesn’t mean I do not splurge once in awhile! I have experimented a lot with many different makeup and skincare products. My skin is more oily/combination and I have had and still have occasional battles with acne. I want to share my experiences and findings that may help anyone out there dealing with the same issues. I hope to help or inspire anyone out there dealing with acne to stay confident. I know how self conscious we can become when our skin is not flawless, however, we should be comfortable with how we look. If you are confident, no one can put you down! 

That being said, I hope you enjoy this collaborative blog between two sisters who have a passion for makeup, skincare, and anything glam!